Flexible IT emergency system: The rescue in the event of IT failures

5 Jun 2024 | Products

A stable and reliable IT infrastructure is essential for any modern company. But what happens if your IT systems suddenly fail? Our flexible IT emergency system offers you a fast and efficient solution to keep your IT infrastructure up and running and minimize downtime.

Why a flexible IT emergency system is important

The ready2use system bridges unplanned outages and minimizes production downtimes, data loss and security gaps during migrations or updates. Our IT emergency system with pre-installed Windows Server 2019/2022 helps you to overcome these challenges and make your IT infrastructure available to users without any restrictions.

Typical challenges and how our IT emergency system helps

  1. System failures: Our solution provides a quick bridge in the event of unexpected failures.
  2. Security gaps: High-quality hardware and software components protect your data.
  3. Insufficient resource planning: We optimize the use of resources in your IT infrastructure.
  4. Insufficient virus protection: Individually customizable protection against viruses and malware.

Advantages of our IT emergency system

  • Minimized system failures: Immediate measures to maintain IT operations.
  • Increased security: Comprehensive protection of your data against threats.
  • Efficient resource planning: Optimization and needs-based use of your IT resources.
  • Improved virus protection: Customizable solutions for maximum protection.

Success through the use of our IT emergency system

  • Stable IT infrastructure: Reliable operation of your IT systems.
  • Increased productivity: Minimized downtimes lead to greater efficiency.
  • Scalable solutions: Flexible use for projects and peak loads.
  • Targeted IT strategy: Ideal for test environments and strategic IT developments.

Hardware specifications of our IT emergency system

  1. 2 x DL380 servers: 192 and 384 GB RAM, 2.7 and 8.5 TB internal disk
  2. iSCSI NAS: 24 TB storage capacity
  3. SAS Storage: 40 TB storage capacity
  4. Network: Multi 10Gbit connections
  5. Management: Integrated remote tools and iLO

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