Apprenticeship as an EFZ computer scientist specializing in platform development

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Difference between platform development and application development

Specialization in platform development:

If you are specializing in platform development, you have come to the right place. As a platform developer, you are responsible for entire server, client and cloud structures. This means you maintain the devices, check them regularly, replace old devices with new ones, install new software and put them into operation. Physical and virtual network structures with various components are also part of your area of expertise.

Computer scientist EFZ application development:

The focus here is on programming. As an application developer, you will also learn the basics of programming, but you will not often encounter it in your day-to-day work. Weihrich Informatik does not train application developers.

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As a future computer scientist specializing in platform development, you should be able to work well with people. After all, computer scientists can only perform well through teamwork. It is also important to understand what the customer needs and wants. Active listening and targeted questions are essential. You must be able to identify and understand customers’ IT requirements and present them with an optimal solution. You should be helpful and know how to express yourself. In addition, good school grades at secondary level E and an interest in scientific and mathematical subjects as well as German and English are a great advantage.

School education

In addition to learning and working in the company, you will attend the training center for technology in Frauenfeld. Without a vocational baccalaureate 1st year of apprenticeship three days, from the 2nd year of apprenticeship one day of vocational school. With the vocational baccalaureate (BM), attendance at school changes a little: From the In the 2nd year of your apprenticeship, you will spend one and a half days at vocational school instead of one day.

Apprenticeship as an IT specialist at Weihrich Informatik

Weihrich Informatik has been successfully training apprentices for years. Training with us highlights many different areas of IT. You will learn how a network is designed and set up, you will learn how to use servers and work equipment, and you will be involved in larger projects with your colleagues. You will learn how to prepare (inform) yourself for a project, plan and make decisions. Then, with increasing specialist knowledge and experience, to carry out, monitor and evaluate orders or even entire projects independently.

You will soon have contact with customers so that when you are involved in support, you will feel confident in communicating with customers.

Unlike in the internal IT department of a large company, as an IT service provider at Weihrich Informatik you will get to know many different customer systems with different configurations. This allows you to acquire a very broad range of knowledge, which will bring you many advantages in your later professional life.

The very competent colleagues will be happy to help you if you get stuck somewhere. The older students will be happy to help you with useful tips for school and the world of work.

Experiences of apprentices at Weihrich Informatik

Dominik Schärli, apprenticeship 2019 to 2023

As a business IT specialist, my job is very varied and exciting. I like being able to help customers and being surprised with new problems. This allows me to learn new things every day and apply them myself or pass them on to colleagues. I also really appreciate the good relationship with my colleagues, who help me with my problems or concerns from day to day.

Joel Kaufmann, apprenticeship 2019 to 2023

No other profession is growing and changing as fast as IT. And for me, that’s exactly the appeal of it. I never stop learning, as soon as a new device or a new component comes onto the market, the developers are already working on a new version. It takes perseverance, but is very worthwhile. No two of our systems are the same. Each is tailored to the customer, which requires a broad knowledge that you acquire over the four years. A degree in business IT also opens up a very broad professional field, because what company can do without IT these days?

Dario Wolff, training 2016 to 2020

I successfully completed my apprenticeship as a computer scientist at Weihrich Informatik GmbH in 2020. As a service provider for numerous companies, my training offered an enormous variety of challenges and interesting projects.

The opportunity to work with a wide variety of technologies and customers has given me a broad range of specialist knowledge and enhanced my ability to adapt quickly to new situations. As Dominik and Joel have already mentioned, the daily challenges and constant learning are two of the main reasons that make a career in IT so attractive.


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