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Our employees are your guarantee that in every case the appropriate specialist is employed for your needs. You as a client benefit from the well-founded professional formation, permanent training and long experience of our Team.


Thomas Weihrich, Owner and CEO

As a trained mechanic Thomas Weihrich studied computer science in Winterthur and Rapperswil. Before he founded his own company in 2003, he had in an executive position in various companies in his home country and abroad the overall responsibility for many successful IT projects. For him, computer science is a useful link between people and processes, because an optimally tuned IT infrastructure lowers the total costs of a company, while it increases productivity. Thomas Weihrich focuses clearly on constant communication with the customer and on the joint development of the best solution for the customer.


Martina Weihrich, Head of Administration and Finance

Martina Weihrich studied Business Administration and after several advanced professional education programs in public relations, she was for more than ten years initially responsible in various international companies for internal communication and public relations. In Weihrich Informatik she is responsible for administration and finance and likes to face the challenges her work entails. She appreciates the personal contact with customers and suppliers. With her team she takes care that "behind the scenes" everything runs smoothly.

Anton Waltisberg, Sales and Materials Management

Anton Waltisberg has a rich professional experience that he has constantly expanded first as a computer technician and later as a computer specialist. He uses his knowledge not only for projects, but also for product evaluation and materials management. At Weihrich Informatik he appreciates the individual customer contact and the new challenges. For this Weihrich Informatik offers him with its customer base in the SME sector and the solution-oriented approach ideal working conditions and opportunities for further development.


Jürg Hossli, Sales and Materials Management

As an experienced computer specialist with more than 20 years of professional experience, Jürg Hossli feels at home in IT systems. He uses his knowledge at Weihrich Informatik in the areas of Sales / Material Management as well as ICT System Administrator. It is particularly important to him to continue developing with technology and learning new things in order to be able to offer our customers innovative IT solutions.


Jacek Gebala, Computer Specialist/IT Technician

His graduation in automation, electronics and computer science completed Jacek Gebala at the Technical University in Poland. In the 90s he moved to Switzerland and continued his education. As a project manager, network and system administrator, he has been taking care of customers for more than 20 years, regularly realizes projects and supports users in the event of problems. Since 2017, Jacek Gebala has been using his in-depth knowledge and many years of practical experience as an ICT system administrator at Weihrich Informatik. He especially appreciates the personal contact with the customers and the teamwork.


Christian Mayer, Computer Specialist/IT Technician

After his initial apprenticeship as an electrician, Christian Mayer has completed his training as a certified technician HF as well as a telematics specialist. At Weihrich Informatik he works now as an ICT system administrator. He knows how to work out complex solutions for our customers and takes their needs holistically. The dynamic and versatility of the industry are the things he likes to most about his work.


Christoph Müller-Diehl, Computer Specialist/IT Technician

After his apprenticeship, Christoph Müller-Diehl worked for a long time as an IT systems engineer for a Swiss media service provider. In this case, he was responsible for planning, managing and operating multiple servers, the connected server and storage systems, and the appropriate workstations. In addition, he provides a comprehensive and well-founded expertise in the professional video and audio sector. At Weihrich Informatik, Christoph Müller-Diehl is involved as an ICT system administrator. The daily changing challenges and the teamwork please him most about his work.


Jonas Thiel, Computer Specialist/IT Technician

After having successfully graduated from high school in Germany, Jonas Thiel finished a professional formation as an computer specialist, specialized in system integration. He gained some years of professional experience before he moved to Switzerland. At Weihrich Informatik he is involved as an ICT supporter and offers our customers a continuous and comprehensive service. To deal with the technical components he likes to most about his work.


Volkan von Klass, Computer Specialist/IT Technician

After his initial apprenticeship as an electrician, Volkan von Klass discovered in the year 1997 his passion for the IT industry. Several further educations helped him to gather work experience as an IT Administrator and System Engineer. In addition to that he acquired skills in software development as well as Design. Volkan von Klass now works as an ICT System Administrator for Weihrich Informatik, where he especially likes to solve interessting and complex challenges with a creative approach. He appreciates working in a supporting and friendly team.


Sandra Bethäuser, Office Management

Sandra Bethäuser pulls all the strings of the office management. After her professional formation as an industrial clerk, she had the opportunity to take over many responsible tasks. She worked for many years as an Assistant of the General Technical Manager. She has a wide knowledge in all aspects of office management and beyond through numerous advanced professional formations. At Weihrich Informatik she is now also responsible for finance and human resources. She appreciates the clear structuring of work processes and also the strong dynamism and enjoys the collegiality.


Priska Müller, Office Management

Priska Müller has been supporting the Weihrich Informatik team since August 2017. During her apprenticeship, she has acquired her knowledge in a big corporation. She likes to act as intermediary in our Office Management particularly well, since her workplace is thus very versatile. One of her core tasks is the marketing of Weihrich Informatik, where she can demonstrate her organizational talent and creativity. With great pleasure she is there daily for our customers and appreciates the personal contact.


Dario Wolff, apprentice in his third year

Dario Wolff started his apprenticeship at Weihrich Informatik in August 2016. He soon after his try-out realized that the apprenticeship to become a service based computer specialist is the right thing for him. Even before, Dario started to become acquainted with the whole IT-world and therefor developed a passion for it. He again and again was able to help out his friends with their PC problems. To balance out his workdays, he often goes and plays Ping-Pong or just relaxes with friends. At Weihrich Informatik he appreciates the collegiality and the way everyone is always happy to help him out.


Tim Badertscher, apprentice in his first year

Tim Badertscher started his apprenticeship as a IT-Specialist in the summer of 2018. He noticed already at the beginning of his career choice, that the computer science aroused his interest and he knew immediately: this is his profession. The helpfulness and support he receives in his training, he likes particularly well. He finds his balance to everyday office life while playing football with his friends.


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