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15.09.2022 - Economic Barometer August 2022 Edition

Act instead of react: Advanced anti-virus solutions with XDR technology act proactively and faster than traditional solutions thanks to broad monitoring parameters. If you then include the human component in your security considerations, you significantly minimize the risk of a cyber attack.

12.09.2022 - Modern Managed Workplace

Thanks to our Modern Managed Workplace, the security and availability of your IT system is optimized and disruptions or failures are avoided as far as possible. In addition, you receive key figures on utilization trends and efficient support tools. New also with XDR technology. A smoothly functioning IT infrastructure forms the backbone of a modern company. That's why it's important to regularly check and maintain IT systems.

01.07.2022 - Successfully completed!

We would like to congratulate our apprentice Tim Badertscher on passing his final apprenticeship examination. After four years of basic training as an EFZ computer scientist, Tim will now continue full-time with the BMS. We will miss you, Tim!


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