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We are committed

Weihrich Informatik is committed to the training and further education of skilled workers and specialists, but also takes its social commitment seriously. Locally and beyond, we support projects, companies and institutions not only financially or materially, but especially through the commitment of our employees.

To our future

ict berufsbildung thurgau

ICT Berufsbildung Thurgau

As part of the ICT Berufsbildung Union in Thurgau, Weihrich Informatik is dedicated to the development und promotion of junior staff. Several co-workers take part as experts in finals and certificate examinations.

ocean youth sailing

Ocean Youth Sailing

As a premium partner, Weihrich Informatik supports and promotes the association Ocean Youth Sailing, which is committed to the construction and operation of an offshore catamaran with young people and young adults. At the same time, the association has set itself the goal of promoting local development projects dealing with the sea, youth and the environment.

kreuzlinger betriebstage

School of Kreuzlingen

Highschoolers in Kreuzlingen get annualy the opportunity to visit and experience companies and different occupational areas. Weihrich Informatik is committed to our future and opens the doors for the Kreuzlinger company visitation days. Hereby we give the highschoolers insights about the job of an it-specialist.

To a reasonable entrepreneurship

arbeitgeberverband kreuzlingen

Arbeitgeberverband Kreuzlingen und Umgebung

As part of the Arbeitgeberverband in Kreuzlingen, Weihrich Informatik is committed to support reasonable entrepreneurshipment that is lead by ethical principals. With pleasure did we contribute to the Apéro gathering that happens annualy and encourages the exchange between government agencies and economics.

bpw kreuzlingen

Business & Professional Women Kreuzlingen

The alliance of business and professional women is one of the most distinguished union of working women in responsible positions in Switzerland and worldwide. As part of the union Weihrich Informatik states its promotion and support for the upcoming of professional women with conviction. On the occasion of our 10 year anniversary did we with pleasure provide the needed things for the festivities.


BNI Business Network International

BNI is by far the largest organization in the world for referral marketing. Weihrich Informatik represents the field of computer science in the entrepreneurial group "Seebrise". According to the motto "Who gives, wins", Weihrich Informatik supports the business network through new contacts and business recommendations. The aim is to work together and to help each other and to help each other.



ICTswitzerland is the umbrella organization of the ICT industry and thus the common voice towards the public, the authorities and other associations. Founded in 1980, the association comprises 28 large and medium-sized enterprises as well as 20 associations. Sometimes the trade association swissICT, for which Weihrich Informatik is involved.


Kreuzlinger Wissens-Gipfel

With the jointly launched lecture series "Kreuzlinger Wissens-Gipfel", Weihrich Informatik GmbH conveys its broad expertise in uncomplicated atmosphere to entrepreneurs and supports them actively, correctly classify topics from the digital world, technology and security in the overall entrepreneurial work to be able to.


Smarter Thurgau

As a member of the Smarter Thurgau association, Weihrich Informatik is committed to optimizing the framework conditions so that the opportunities of digitization for living and working in the canton of Thurgau can be sustainably. Innovative forces from politics, business, administration, education, sports and associations meet up to launch initiatives. The goal: a still attractive Canton Thurgau.



Weihrich Informatik is a member of the largest association of Swiss information and communication technology. The association supports attractive conditions for employers and employees in ICT and promotes the professional know-how of its members. An important contribution to the promotion of the industry.

For projects that require the extra mile


Campaign mountain villages connect 

In the past few years Weihrich Informatik was dedicated to get severeal secluded mountain villages connected with fast working Internet, or made it possible for some villages with the help of todays technologies to even get connected in the first place with the world wide web.

To our community

 museum rosenegg

Museum Rosenegg Kreuzlingen

The Rosenegg museum is a place to experience cultural exchange. The museum witholds culture historical exhibitions that contains information about Kreuzlingen and its region. As director of the construction committee Thomas Weihrich supported the renovations of the museum.

vhs kreuzlingen

VHS Volkshochschule Kreuzlingen

The Volkshochschule Kreuzlingen initiates, coordinates and carries out year after year dozens of events that include topics like: economics, science, society, culture and education. By looking at the big picture do they however not underminde the local matters as well. Martina Weihrich supports the Volkshochschule Kreuzlingen by volunteering as part of the director board for more than15 years.

For local brilliance



The Ekkharhof provides support for people with mental or physical dissabilities and enable them to develop as individuals. A cause that we recognize and appreciate in our community. That is why we gladly contributed to the festivities of their 40 year anniversary.

Planetarium and Observatory Kreuzlingen

For the planetarium and observatory in Kreuzlingen, we exchanged an existing storage solution with a completely virtualized Windows Server 2012. Their projections and programms for every age category is fascinating and definitely worth a visit anytime.


See-Burgtheater Kreuzlingen

The See-Burgtheater in Kreuzlingen speaks with current, critical theater to people in their area of life and conquers the audience around lake constance with brilliant performances. Weihrich Informatik makes sure that the reservation system runs smoothly year after year.


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